How Much We Pay

Why don’t other sites show what they pay?

Because other sites pay such a small fraction (as low as 25%) of what your gold is worth. Express Gold Cash pays up to 90% of the refined value of your gold, as calculated based on the current market price (PM London fix).

Fantastic experience! I was extremely impressed with the offer I received from Express Gold Cash. It was easily the highest and fairest amount for my items that can be found in the industry. You can trust this company.

- Brandon F., Ogden, UT

Below we show today's market price for gold, because we operate with full transparency and honesty. We have more than 25 years of industry experience, so we have the relationships and the know-how to get you top dollar for your gold. And you'll reap the benefits.

Today’s Gold Price: PM London Fix | $1,281.20 (per troy ounce)