How Much We Pay

Why don’t other sites show what they pay?

Because other sites pay such a small fraction (as low as 25%) of what your gold is worth. pays up to 90% of the refined value of your gold. We can do this because we are a direct refiner.

We calculate how much cash you will receive for your gold based on the current market price (PM London Fix). All cash payments are calculated in pennyweights (DWT), the standard weight measurement in the precious metal business.

We are transparent and honest. We have provided you with our price for gold for the day to estimate how much you will receive for your gold before even sending it in.

Today’s Gold Price

PM London Fix | $1,265.55 (per troy ounce)
Express Gold Cash Gold Prices per Pennyweight
Karat +25 oz
(500+ DWT)
10-25 oz
(200-500 DWT)
1-10 oz
(20-200 DWT)
24k Call for Pricing 1-877-465-3165
22k $45.26 $40.04 $34.24
18k $37.02 $32.75 $28.00
14k $28.87 $25.54 $21.84
10k $20.58 $18.21 $15.57