Choosing the Right Service

What To Look For in a Cash-for-Gold Service

We know there are many cash-for-gold services for you to choose from. We also know that it can be overwhelming trying to determine how to select the right service for you. Here are some things to look for in choosing the right service.

Make sure you choose a service that:

  1. Clearly states how much they will pay for your gold. The price of gold can change daily, so a trustworthy site will reflect that.
  2. Displays how much they pay for quantities less than an ounce. Many less-than-honest services leave this information out. If you knew how little they paid for small amounts of gold, you probably wouldn’t sell to them.
  3. Offers a satisfaction guarantee. You should always have the opportunity to accept or decline an offer amount for your gold, with no risk and no obligation.
  4. Provides trackable service. If you cannot track your items, you will have no way of knowing if or when the service you’re sending them to actually receives it.

At, we pride ourselves on our fair and honest transactions.

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