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Are you looking for the best place to sell your silver? You’ve come to the right place.

We may be biased, but with over 15 years in the business, 6000+ verified TrustPilot reviews, fully-insured shipping, and best-in-class customer service, we think selling silver to Express Gold Cash provides the best experience in the business.

From silver jewelry like rings, bracelets, earrings, and necklaces, to silver coins and bars, we buy all types of silver. Even silver flatware! While silver is priced much lower than gold, prices have risen dramatically over the past year and silver investments have increased, making the secondary market for silver much more competitive. That allows us to offer you higher rates!

10 year chart of the price of silver

Rising Value of Silver

Silver pricing can be very volatile, and in general is less stable than gold.

The chart above covers the past 10 years, showing prices ranging from $12 all the way up to recent highs of $32 in early 2024. Prices have softened since then to around $29/ounce, but that’s still higher than the previous highs just above $28 set back in 2020.

It’s tough to predict where the price will go from here, and movements of 10% within a few days or week have not been uncommon. Either way, if you are looking to sell silver, our service is a great way to cash it in.

Why You Should Sell Your Silver Online

When the price of silver is high like it is now, it’s common to see “cash for gold” businesses pop up everywhere. Some business owners are true experts in the industry, have been in business for decades, and have the expertise and integrity to pay you a fair price for your silver.

But not all of them do. Silver gets weighed incorrectly. Buyers may confuse you with troy ounces versus regular ounces. Some pawn shop owners just try to pay you as little as they think they can get away with. That’s why at Express Gold Cash we offer an honest, straightforward approach and process so you know exactly what you have and why we quote a certain amount for it.

Being an online silver and gold buyer gives us other advantages too! We operate at scale and collect precious metals from people around the country, so we’re always busy. That allows us to operate on tighter margins than your local shops who have lots of idle time, higher security and staffing costs (per transaction), and higher rents (per transaction). All this lets us pay more for your silver.

Different Types of Silver We Buy

woman wearing a sterling silver necklace

1. Sterling Silver

Sterling silver is a high-quality alloy containing 92.5% silver and 7.5% other metals, usually copper. While the copper isn’t worth anything, the silver content makes it valuable! Common items include:

  • Jewelry (rings, necklaces, bracelets)
  • Flatware (forks, spoons, knives)
  • Decorative items (picture frames, vases)

The alloy is added to make the pieces more durable. So most silver jewelry, silverware, and common items made of silver will be sterling silver.

Because sterling silver isn’t 100% silver, it’s important to understand the intrinsic value of the piece is actually 7.5% lower than the actual weight. Because this contains alloys and needs to be melted down and recast, it’s generally worth less than fine silver and coins, as it’s more difficult to resell.

cash for fine silver bullion online

2. Fine Silver

Fine silver is 99.9% pure silver, often used for high-end jewelry and investment-grade bars and coins. It’s softer and more prone to damage than sterling silver. Common items include:

  • Bullion coins (American Silver Eagles, Canadian Silver Maple Leafs)
  • Bullion bars
  • Investment-grade rounds

It’s unusual for goods that are commonly used to be composed of fine silver. It’s pure nature makes it less durable, so using it for silverware or daily jewelry isn’t really feasible. So if you’re selling silver like this and don’t know what its purity is, in all likelihood it’s going to measure in at 92.5% silver.

popular silver coins

3. Silver Coins

Coin silver is an alloy with a silver content of 90%, historically used in coins. While less common today, older coins often fall into this category. Common items include:

  • Pre-1965 U.S. dimes, quarters, half dollars
  • Historical currency from other countries

For more details on old silver coins, their content, and pricing, view our blog Popular Silver Coins & How Much They’re Worth.

Nowadays, silver isn’t used to mint coins that are in circulation. However, the US Mint does produce and sell collectible silver proof sets. They are sold as collectibles above the intrinsic value of silver, but there is an active second-hand market for them so we are able to pay very competitive rates for these coins.

4. Industrial Silver

Industrial silver is used in various industries due to its conductive and reflective properties. While selling this type might be less common for individuals, it’s still possible. Common items include:

  • Electrical contacts
  • Batteries
  • Photographic film

If you’re unsure if what you have is silver, you can always send it in to us for testing! We’ll let you know what you have, and if we can buy it. As long as it’s silver (or some other precious metal), we’ll likely accept it!

Read the Reviews

Don’t believe us when we say we’re the best? Have a look at our 4.8 rating on Google with over 500 reviews. Or see our A+ Rating at the BBB. Better still, read our 6000+ reviews on TrustPilot with an average of 4.9/5. We’re committed to providing an exceptional selling experience and want to help you sell your silver quickly, easily, and for a great price.

Our Process – 3 Simple Steps:

Request a Free Kit to Sell Silver

Request a free Appraisal Kit.

Simply fill out the “Request a Kit” form. You will immediately be mailed a free Express Gold Cash kit with a prepaid FedEx envelope and instructions on how to safely send in your items and sell silver for cash. Or, download instructions and a free label to use your own packaging even faster!

Ship your gold and silver with fedex

Send us your gold—free.

We provide a pre-paid FedEx Overnight label and a list of nearby authorized locations for drop-off. Your kit will be insured for up to $5,000 and tracked from the moment it leaves your hands, ensuring we receive it on time and intact. Remember to keep your FedEx receipt!

  1. Once we receive your Gold Kit, it is immediately scanned into our system and a confirmation email is sent.
  2. An evaluator individually opens each pack and verifies that the items sent match your inventory list.
  3. We calculate the total cash value based upon the type of material, weight, and the daily price of gold or silver, and email you an offer for approval.
best place to sell silver online

Receive your cash.

Accept our offer, and receive your payment within 24 hours. If you decline our offer for any reason, we’ll immediately send your items back to you free of charge.

The Best Place to Sell Your Silver

At Express Gold Cash, we want to prove to you we’re the best place to sell your silver jewelry. From our expertise and modern testing equipment to our simple, safe process and high payouts, we make selling your gold and silver a painless experience.

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