Cynthia W | May 2017

- May 9, 2017

I have raved about your service before, but I have to say that I am even more impressed with you now. When the payment that you processed as a bank transfer to my account did not show up, I emailed you to that effect. I can’t believe the result. Immediate action was taken, including a phone call to my bank, followed by a phone call and an email from you to me, explaining what happened (the payment got there after the bank shut down that night) and saying that the bank would process the payment next day. Great. No problem. A few days later I checked and still no payment. I had not even had time to call you or the bank when I got a follow up call from you saying the bank had bounced the payment back to you because they said my account did not exist. So you suggested that you send me a check by priority mail. I have never encountered in my life a company so proactive, and proactive in paying as opposed to getting paid. Amazing. Unbelievable. If anyone out there is considering doing business with these people, don’t hesitate. I only wish I had more gold to offer. They are worth their weight in solid gold.