M.C. Ham | Augusta, GA | December 10, 2018

- December 11, 2018

Express Will Impress!

I am truly pleased and impressed by the professional, courteous, and generous service! Express Gold Cash is everything they appear to be and more; the ONLY metal buyer which is 100% upfront with value to be paid AND (as other reviews have stated) seem to pay in the sellers favor. I had weighed approximately 49 oz of materials…EGC analyzed 63 items, found 6 items to be plated (this surprised me) HOWEVER…trusting EGC on first transaction, I had sent a check for immediate payment to bank account…3 days later, after tracking package progress online…EGC confirmed receipt and notified me of PAYMENT GREATER THAN I EXPECTED! and return of plated items. Maybe my scales were slightly off…or OBVIOUSLY EXPRESS GOLD CASH IS #1 FOR MANY REASONS! No gimmicks, No hidden fees, No worries! Just the highest Express Cash paid!