Richard B | April, 2009

- April 11, 2009

Express Gold Cash was my first experience with selling gold. A few years ago I needed a buyer for some odd gold pieces. I found Express Gold Cash through an internet search. I took a chance with them based on their money back guarantee plus the insurance coverage for items being shipped. That first experience went very well, with both quick results and an equitable payment.

I had some gold in several forms to sell, so I looked up Express Gold Cash on the internet. Their presentation was easy to understand and the process to send them the gold is very easy. I had a choice to either have a shipping package sent to me, or print out documentation for shipping with a Fed-Ex prepaid shipping label. I filled out an itemized list with my preference for payment, packaged the gold and dropped off the package at Fed-Ex. There is also an option to arrange for Fed-Ex to pick up the package.

Two days after leaving the package with Fed-Ex I received an email with the evaluation. The offer was satisfactory, and I chose to have the funds deposited to my bank account. The payment notice from Express Gold Cash stated that the deposit to the bank account should appear within 2 business days. From start to receiving payment took less than a week. They deliver on what they say.