4 ways we guarantee to pay you more

We are a direct refiner

We Have 25+ Years of Industry Experience

That means we have the relationships, the means, and the know-how to get top dollar for your gold—and you reap the benefits. Our calculations are transparent, honest, and reliable, and we’ll never seduce you with false promises.

We’re all about speed & security

We’re all about speed & security

We offer FREE FedEx overnight shipping (all packs are trackable and insured, for your peace of mind) and make our offer upon receipt of your items. Accept it, and get paid within 24 hours.

We guarantee your satisfaction

We guarantee your satisfaction

If you’re not satisfied with our offer for any reason, we’ll return your items free of charge, no questions asked.

Price Match Pledge

We’ll beat other offers

Anyone can say they have the best service and pay the best prices; our record proves it. And our Best Price Guarantee confirms it.

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What others are saying


Dear Express Gold Cash. I was really happy with the offer that I received, and how fast it took to resolve. I really liked the fact that you sent me a packet, postage paid, and that it was insured. I took my gold to a local broker, and they offered me way lower than what you offered me. I am in a financial bind right now, and I have bought gold in the past in case of situations like this. I wasn’t expecting the offer you gave me, and I was so happy and surprised when I received your offer. I could not believe how fast it took. Thank you for being honest, prompted, and fast. I will definitely use you again in the future, and most definitely recommend you to friends and family. Thank you again.

- Kevin P. | April 2017

The Best Gold Company to do business with!

I am happy to give feedback for this Company. I was having a very difficult time financially due to my bank account having been compromised. I am not a Jewelry Person and I had all of this Gold and near Gold Jewelry just sitting in a drawer. Well, I got it all together and this Company, with its fast response, saved my behind for several bills I could not pay last month. Thank you so much, I so appreciate your prompt response with your payment to me.

- Heidi Burkhardt | Shelton, WA | June 7, 2015