A: We believe honesty and transparency are critical in this business. We clearly show how much we pay on the What We Pay page of our site, and we update our rates daily based on the current market price of gold. If you would like a free verbal gold appraisal, please call us at 1-877-465-3165 or email us at support@expressgoldcash.com.

A: The pennyweight (also referred to as DWT) is the standard weight measurement in the precious metal business. For those not in the industry, there are 20 pennyweights in 1 ounce.

A: The spot price is the current market price for immediate delivery of a commodity. In the gold business, it refers to the price at which gold is trading for the day.

A: Unfortunately, we do not pay for loose gemstones. However, based on our assessment of your item, we may add the gemstones’ value to the gold weight, which will increase the amount of our offer to you. We also pay wholesale price for all diamonds and will gladly accept them.

A: We generally accept ALL gold items with very few exceptions. If you have any questions about your particular item, please feel free to contact us at 1-877-465-3165 or support@expressgoldcash.com.

A: Yes, 100%! Additionally, we provide FREE FedEx Overnight shipping on every kit. All appraisal kits are automatically insured free for up to $5,000, with additional insurance up to $100,000 available. To secure additional insurance, call us at 1-877-465-3165.

(Only packages picked up by FedEx or dropped at an authorized, staffed FedEx location are eligible for insurance; FedEx receipt must be provided for a claim.)

A: If you have received a prior offer for your Merchandise from any of our online national competitors, we will match their offer (not to exceed 90% of the current day’s market price for precious metals) or we’ll send your items back at our own expense. In order to qualify for the Price Match Guarantee, you must provide us with written documentation of such competitor’s offer, before we make you an offer.

Please review our Terms & Conditions for details.

A: Our Express Gold Cash appraisal kits are designed for safety and security, with both a plastic bag and a bubble mailer to cushion your materials inside the FedEx envelope. If you have any concerns or think you might need additional packaging, please call customer service at 1-877-465-3165.

A: As soon as we receive your appraisal kit, we immediately scan it into our system and send you an email acknowledging receipt. You can track the status of your appraisal and offer any time, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week by logging in to your account. If you forgot your password or need assistance, contact us at 1-877-465-3165 or support@expressgoldcash.com.

A: We try very hard to ensure deliverability of our electronic communications, and when possible we reach out via telephone to make sure you receive our offer. Despite our best efforts, it does sometimes happen that a customer doesn’t receive or doesn’t respond to our offer.

If we’ve not heard back from you after 72 hours following our offer, we’ll send you a check in that amount. We’ll hold your items for 30 days (or until the check is cashed), so if you’re not satisfied you can send the check back and we’ll return your items.

A: We pride ourselves on our customer service and our high payouts, so we hope that doesn’t happen. But you’re in control. If you’re happy with our offer, accept it and receive payment within 24 hours. If not, decline it and we’ll return your items free of charge—and with our thanks for trying us out.

A: Yes. If you’d rather not wait for your mailed appraisal kit to arrive, select “print my kit” instead and print out all the materials you’ll need, including your FREE FedEx shipping label.

We recommend you use the free FedEx boxes available at any FedEx location, since you’ll be going there to drop off your package anyway, but you’re welcome to use whatever packaging you like.

A: We’ll pay you the wholesale value of your diamonds on top of the value of your gold, so please leave jewelry with diamonds intact and send it to us as is (with any certifications or appraisals, if you have them). While we do not pay for loose gemstones, we may add the gemstones’ value to the gold weight, which will increase your total payout. Therefore, we don’t recommend that you try to remove the stones before sending in your items. Remember, you’ll have the opportunity to deny our offer and have your items returned to you intact and at no cost.