Sell Scrap Gold

Are you looking for the best place to sell your scrap gold ? You’ve come to the right place. We may be biased, but with over 15 years in the business, 2000+ verified reviews, fully-insured shipping, and best-in-class customer service, we think selling to Express Gold Cash provides the best experience in the business.

Our entire process is free and no obligation, so you can get an offer for your gold without risk or commitment. Even if you ship your items and decide not to accept our offer, your items are sent back free of charge.

When we say “scrap gold,” we mean any gold that can’t be used for its original purpose. Broken gold, for example, or industrial gold that can no longer be used to accomplish what it was made for. Scrap gold needs to be refined and turned back into something useful, meaning its value is really just the gold itself.

Value of Scrap Gold

The value of scrap gold rarely has anything to do with how that jewelry or other type of gold actually looks – not with the increase in gold prices over the past decade. The intrinsic value of the gold is so high that the market price for scrap gold is just equivalent to the gold it consists of. That means that it doesn’t matter if your gold is old, broken, or ugly – it’s worth the same amount to us!

The value of your gold is based on its weight and purity. If your gold is broken, bent, dented, or damaged it won’t affect the price. It may be tougher to sell to your neighbor, but not to us!

How Much is Scrap Gold Worth?

As of August 2020, the price of one ounce of pure gold is $2000. At Express Gold Cash, we pay up to 90% for gold bullion and up to 85% of the refined value of gold jewelry. Using the weight of your gold, its purity, and the current price of gold, you can calculate the approximate value of your gold.

Most gold jewelry is either 10k, 14k, or 18k (click those pages to see sample payouts for gold jewelry of each purity). For more examples of what we pay for gold jewelry, check out our recent payouts page.

Here are some details on our simple, 3-step process:

Request a Free Kit

Request a free Appraisal Kit.

Simply fill out the “Request a Kit” form. You will immediately be mailed a free Express Gold Cash kit with a prepaid FedEx envelope and instructions on how to safely send in your items and sell gold for cash. Or, download instructions and a free label to use your own packaging even faster!

Send us your gold free

Send us your gold—free.

We provide a pre-paid FedEx Overnight label and a list of nearby authorized locations for drop-off. Your kit will be insured for up to $5,000 and tracked from the moment it leaves your hands, ensuring we receive it on time and intact. Remember to keep your FedEx receipt!

  1. Once we receive your Gold Kit, it is immediately scanned into our system and a confirmation email is sent.
  2. An evaluator individually opens each pack and verifies that the items sent match your inventory list.
  3. We calculate the total cash value based upon the type of material, weight, and the daily price of gold and email you an offer for approval.
Receive your cash

Receive your cash.

Accept our offer, and receive your payment within 24 hours. If you decline our offer for any reason, we’ll immediately send your items back to you free of charge.

The Best Place to Sell Your Scrap Gold

At Express Gold Cash, we want to prove to you we’re the best place to sell your scrap gold. From our expertise and modern testing equipment to our simple, safe process and high payouts, we make selling your scrap gold a painless experience.

Request your free kit today, or contact us if you have more questions about selling your gold!