R L Van B | Minneapolis, MN | June 20, 2014

- June 20, 2014

Prompt, Extremely Fair Transaction!

I recently sent 4 pieces found tucked in my mother’s drawer – an old setting for her engagement ring (14k), a small,dented, very old bracelet (gold-filled), a small necklace that I couldn’t tell if it was gold or silver, and a large, heavy gold tooth. The A+ rating from the BBB tipped the scale in your favor, and the $20 if I was unhappy with your price helped too. Not having any experience evaluating gold items, I thought my chances of finding a reputable dealer increased online. It would have been very easy to walk into any shop and blindly accept what was offered. The offer came back in a few days within $5 of what I thought I would accept! Not only was the price extremely fair, each item was listed on the check stub, the DWT for each, and the base price for each (to be multiplied by the DWT for the offer.) The necklace was silver and who knew that old tooth was 16k gold and was worth over $100.00. I didn’t even have to remove the tooth! Thank you for your prompt, fair transaction. Will be passing your name along to others.